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Related article: Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 20:12:52 -0700 (PDT) From: TopLegal Subject: Advantage System Part 1Advantage System: Part 1 ======================== By TopLegal WARNING This contains graphic descriptions of sexual intercourse and sadomasochistic activities between adult males. If this offends you, is not appropriate for viewing in your location, or you are not of legal age, do not read it. Any resemblance of characters in this story to the living is purely coincidental. (c) 2007, TopLegal. Permission is granted for distribution via Usenet and the Web provided that the following two conditions are met: there is no cost to access this story, e.g. AdultCheck, pay site, etc., and the story is posted in full without modifications.Y.J. Levy an Unusual Man ------------------------ I am quite unusual in many respects. To start with due to some odd mistakes surrounding my birth I have no legal first name, just initials and no recorded birthdate. The state of California has been kind enough to turn my birth certificate's "1972" into January 1, 1972. Though I suspect I'm a Sagitarius rather than a Capricorn. As for first names, I use whatever suits me, my diplomas simply say YJ as does my driver's license. For those interested in my physical appearance, I stand 6' tall (182 cm) and weigh 160 lbs (72 kg). I am caucasian, I have six pack abs, and work out daily to stay in shape. My eyes are blue and my hair is black. I think that should give you a decent sense of what I look like. I will leave out most of the details of my past right now and bring you forward to 2003. I was finishing up my psychiatric fellowship working a shift at a Los Angeles county jail. This was at the Pitchess Detention Center in Castaic--about 50 miles north of central LA. My luck a riot broke out while I was working there. Worse luck still I was with a hot-headed guard who wanted to prove himself. For now, let me spare you the details and just say that I ended up with a bullet stuck in my head and a huge lump sum disability payment from the state. Ever since then, I've been a touch "off-kilter". The location of the bullet interferes with some--much of my ability to feel pain and also to feel remorse. Translation, I'm now the ultimate sadist and masochist rolled into one. Add to that my uncanny handle for what people are thinking and you have an interesting combination. That aside, after four years, there is minimal permanent brain damage and I am a fully trained and licensed psychiatrist. I just do not practice in any traditional sense. Certainly not in any sense that the Medical Board of California would approve of. Moving forward to 2007, I am living in West Hollywood--part of Los Angeles. I moved Forbidden Lolita Pics into an impressive home here after the County settled with me in late 2004.Patient Care ------------ I have been working with what I like to call "special needs" patients since shortly after I moved to West Hollywood. At this point one hundred percent of my practice is from referrals. Basically, if I treat you, you get two serialized jet-black business cards with a phone number to use to reach me. Since the nature of my treatments requires a level of privacy, I trust my patients to be discreet in who receives the cards. If you have one of the cards, you can call the number on the card and you will get a Forbidden Lolita Pics recorded message: > Thank you for calling. Please leave a message with your code > number, your full name, and a number where I can reach you. > Calls are returned within one business day. When someone leaves a message, I check the prospective client out with internet searches, credit report headers, and the like. Then, I return their call. A typical dialogue goes something like this: "Is this X? This is Jacob returning your call are you in a place where you can talk?" Assuming the patient can talk, we continue, "Ok, a couple of ground rules, I do not provide medical or psychiatric treatments. I understand that my clients expect extreme discretion and expect my Forbidden Lolita Pics clients to act likewise. To start with I need a sense of what you are looking for." Clients then share the sexual fantasy they want fulfilled, for example let's consider Peter a movie star who sought Forbidden Lolita Pics me out by way of another client. After some hemming and hawing we got down to, "Truth is." Pause. "I've had this fascination with diapers." Long pause. I interrupt, "I can help with that, let's set a first appointment. I need to mail you a consent that I need returned to me before we begin. Once I have the paperwork back I will call you to set up the appointment." The call ends at that point with me getting his address in Malibu. A mildly thick set of documents weighing 2 oz in a plain white security envelope goes out. The documents include: * a stamped, self-addressed return envelope * a request for a credit report with spaces to copy a driver's license and major credit card * consent agreement * release of liability * nondisclosure agreement * wire transfer instructions for $25,000 fixed fee consulting cost of one screening session, one experience session, and one post experience follow up Sticking with Peter's case for a moment, the packet went out on a Tuesday and was back to me on Friday. Once I found the documents in order, I called and arranged a screening session on Thursday. "Peter, this is Jacob again, can we arrange the screening session?" "Um, yeah," he responded. "Great, just so your expectations are clear, I like to use some hypnosis to relax my clients in the screening session. This makes sure that they are uninhibited in describing their needs to me." Hesitation and hemming and hawing followed. I continued, "Anyhow, again this is just to set your expectations. Some clients come in ready to get their rocks off at the first session and are disappointed. My most important goal is to make you happy. No, ecstatic and the screening session is how we make sure that happens. When we finally get to putting a diaper on you, the experience will be everything you've always wanted it to be." I felt the fight go out of him with that last line. "Great he responded." We settled on Wednesday at 5pm. My house is set up with a gate in front. The gate secures a circular drive with room for easily five our six cars. To the side is a carriage house style garage that was designed for four cars. Two of the bays have be turned into my office and work room. Extensive sound proofing of these bays provides for additional privacy. Peter's car pulled up to the gate at five sharp on Wednesday and I buzzed him through. He proceeded to the side entrance to the carriage house and stepped in. I was sitting in a professional chair and beckoned him to sit down across from me in a zero-gravity recliner.Screening Session ----------------- "Ok, let's get started Peter," I said firmly, "we're going to have you relax, I will induce a hypnotic state to help you relax so we can be sure I understand your fantasy fully and can make your experience shine." Peter nodded meekly and I began to induce the hypnotic state. I had Peter count up to 100 by sevens and down as I positioned myself on a stool behind him and began to apply pressure to specific points on his head and neck. As he began protesting, "49... this isn't doing anything," he went under. "Peter," I said, "I need you Forbidden Lolita Pics to focus on my voice, you are going to stay calm, aware of my every word, and responsive while remaining completely relaxed." I paused for a minute to allow him to completely relax. His pulse had slowed significantly, "Peter, first and foremost it is important that you find it feels good to do what I say." "Let's test this, Peter raise your right hand six inches in the air." Peter complied without hesitation. "Excellent, and tell me, how does it feel to have done what I asked?" "Really good," Peter responded calmly. "Excellent, put you are arm down. Does it feel good to have done that?" Peter murmured agreement. "Wonderful, it is very important to me that you continue to find it pleasurable to do what I say. Let's start discussing your interests in diapering." It took three hours, but he spilled his guts on being fascinated with diapering due to seeing his best friend diapered at around age 9 as punishment for bed wetting. I had a complete explanation of what turned him on and what he was explicitly willing to admit and what he was not fully consciously aware of. Only then did I turn to planting some general post-hypnotic triggers. I re-applied some pressure to key points and helped bring his pulse even slower. This further relaxed him and turned down whatever remaining conscious defenses he had left. "Peter, I am going to bring you out of this state shortly, when I do, I need you to keep three things in mind for me. Do you think you can do that for me?" "Sounds wonderful," he managed to mumble. I noticed his cock was hard, pleasing me felt good to him. "First and foremost Peter, you will want to please me and will find doing what I say desirable because you will have an innate sense that it will help you feel more sexually satisfied." Forbidden Lolita Pics "Please you," he mumbled. "Second, you will generally feel very uninhibited and relaxed around me, trusting me will help you feel more sexually satisfied." "Trust you," he echoed, his cock bulging in his denim jeans. "Third, you will not be able to remember the details of this session or consciously remember these rules, instead you will just innately follow them to help you feel more sexually satisfied." He said nothing, but his cock bulging in his pants suggested an imminent explosion. "Count backwards with me from 100 down to 1 by sevens Peter, when you reach 1 you will open your eyes, fully aware, refreshed, and excited." Peter began to count and I returned back to my original seat. His cock bulged and pulsated in his pants, "100, 93, 86, 79, 72, 65, 58, 51...16, 9, 2, 1" He opened his eyes and looked at me trustingly. His eyes darted down to his hard cock, but he showed no embarrassment. "How are you feeling Peter?" "Fantastic," he responded, "how long did we talk, twenty minutes?" "Actually we talked for about three hours," I said casually. "No way!" "Yes, this was very helpful for me to understand how we can make your experience as sexually fulfilling as possible." Peter stared blankly at me for a moment and said, "that's good, I feel amazingly rested and relaxed. It was good to be able to talk about everything with you. You are such a good listener. When do you think I can come back for my experience?" "Do me a favor Peter," I said casually, "you are clearly very aroused right now, unbutton your fly and get yourself off then we can figure out details." Now with any client this is always a key juncture. It tests multiple aspects of the conditioning and ensures that we can both have a safe play experience. Peter went to it without missing a beat. He unbuckled his fly enthusiastically and pulled his cock free from the boxers he was wearing. He put one hand to his mouth, gave it a lick to lube up with saliva and then went at it. Stroking away in front of me without any embarrassment until about ten minutes later he shot a decent load. I handed him a damp towel and waited for him to clean up. "Okay, how about Monday afternoon say from 2pm to whenever? I would recommend not having any plans on Tuesday so you need not feel time pressured." He nodded and said, "Sounds like you will really be able to help me experience this just the way I need to. See you at two on Monday." I reached out a hand to help him get out of the recliner and he took it and I helped him up.Meeting Levy ------------ The next day I decided it was time to finally get a decent big screen TV and I ended up at a nearby big box store. I had very little direction, a young looking man with a boyish face and red hair came up to me in the aisle. His name badge said "Levy". "Anything I can do to help you," he said with what seemed like a wink. "Um," and then I decided to go blond, "can you help me out here, I was hoping to get a big TV but just have no clue." Levy smiled a broad grin and said, "normally I should pass you off to a TV guy, but let me help you out." He touched my elbow gently and guided me towards the rear of the store. "Do you have a sense what you want?" "No clue," I answered frankly, "just something big for the living room." He smiled and asked, "Ok, well since you are leaving it so wide open this is the top of the line LCD right now that we carry: 71" LCD from LG which is just shy of fifteen-K." Deciding that I wanted to flirt with this younger guy, I decided, "Look to be honest the money isn't a problem, but I'm not sure if it would be too big, you know." And I trailed off. Levy seemed to grin a bit and leaned in, "Here's my card, write down your address and I will stop by personally after closing and give you a consult. However, this will be 'off the clock' if you understand what I mean?" "Absolutely," I said smiling and I took the card and wrote down my address and cell phone. He put his arm on my elbow again as he took the card, "See you around 11:30." He then walked away. From the edge of the area, I would have sworn he turned back and winked at me. I decided I needed to finish shopping for Peter's experience and headed towards a sex toy shop that was not that far away. One hundred fifty dollars later I had what I needed and was headed home. I chilled out for a few hours reading a book--Kite Runner--until just after 11pm, the gate buzzer rang. On the video, I could see Levy inside a modest Honda Civic hatchback. I buzzed him in and headed to the front entrance.Advantage System Basics ----------------------- I let Levy in the door and he stepped in and then kissed me passionately on the lips. I reciprocated. "Should I bother measuring for the TV," he asked. I nodded. He smiled broadly and I led the way to the living room. "Nice place and this a huge room, where do you want the TV?" I pointed at the large wall. I stepped over to it, whipped out a tape measure from his pocket and confirmed it would fit on the wall and then measured back to my couch before plopping down. "Come on over and sit next to me," he said grinning slightly. I sat down and he kissed me on the lips again and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "No problem on the seventy-one incher, it will be great in here." I nodded and he kissed me again. "We should discuss what I'm looking for in a relationship," he said matter of factly. I nodded slightly and he continued, "I'm only twenty-five, but I know what I want and I'm not here to just have sex or to end up in a bad relationship." "Fair enough," I said, "though you do have me horny as hell since this afternoon." He smiled, "exellent, no sex tonight just to set the expectations." He then kissed me again probing with his tongue and I probed back. When we separated, he continued, "I was in a five year relationship from ages sixteen to twenty-one with a guy I loved passionately, but who ultimately could not make me happy sexually." I had to fight a reflexive response along the lines of, how-did-that-make-you-feel. Levy continued, "My thing is that I'm extremely versatile sexually in what I need and want and a relationship that is plain vanilla with one person mostly the top and the other the bottom just isn't going to work for me." "So your ex was all bottom," I offered. Levy nodded, "Brian." "So when you started out with Brian is was fine, but then when you wanted to experience being fucked it fell apart?" Levy was ready to move on, "So I settled on a system, I call it the 'Advantage' system to ensure that the person I'm with will be compatible with me." "May I interject?" "Sure." "Have you actually had a relationship yet using this system?" "No, I've dated a few times but nothing beyond the first date or so because most guys just aren't versatile enough." "Sounds like a challenge," I teased back and leaned in and kissed him and then thrust my tongue into his mouth and back into his throat. We kissed for a bit before he pushed me back and continued explaining his system: * No masturbation or sex outside the relationship/framework. Both parties can mutually agree to some acts outside the framework, but as a whole it's off limits. * During any one sexual interaction, one person will get the T(op) role and will be guaranteed sexual satisfaction, the other person will get the B(ottom) role. B may or may not get an orgasm, but his job is to ensure that T is completely sexually satisfied in that encounter. * T & B roles must change around because the two people in the relationship can never be more than 1 "point" ahead of the other. (Sort of like Deuce in Tennis, so if Tom and Bob are the people in the relationship and Tom is the T to Bob in encounter one, then it is Advantage Bob. Here's the "catch", Top cannot be T to Bob again until either it is Advantage Tom or "love".) "Kinky," I responded back when he finished his explanation. "How does it sound to you?" "My dick is rock hard and I'm now very aware that I'm not getting it off until we meet at some future point." "Nice," he exclaimed smiling and then he kissed me which was followed by him thrusting his tongue down my throat. "Couple of corner issues," he said, "to avoid 'holding out', we should reset to love at the start of each week, say Monday." "So no, 'I'm mad at you and not giving you sex.'" "Right, similarly, there is no 'No'." Sensing my confusion Levy continued, "Well we are in a relationship so you need to trust me and vice versa. I can ask you to do something outrageous if it is at love or my advantage and you *must* comply. The *catch* for me is that you can leave me after the encounter." I chimed in, "so even if it is my go at being the 'top', I shouldn't push you to do something you don't want because either you will leave or turn the tables on me." "Exactly!" "Sign me up," I said, "when do we get to actually have sex with each other?" Levy smiled and stood up, "you need to buy the TV from me tomorrow and we can work out when our first real date is." He headed for the door. "What time do you work tomorrow," I called out. "Two to ten," he said as he headed out the door.Purchases --------- I went to bed that night horny as all hell and with Levy's gorgeous face and body on my mind. I woke up with a massive hardon that I had to fight not to stroke off. I headed to the store around two and got there just after. I had to ask someone for Levy claiming, "he had been helpful yesterday and I don't remember which TV I was looking at." He kept me waiting, thirty minutes. I was certain my cock was going to burst inside my pants. When he came out, "Right, Jacob?" Like he did not know me. "Was it that seventy-one incher," he asked. "Right," I said. "Ok, let's go to the register over here and I will ring it up." At the register he took my credit card and rang up $15,000 plus an extended warranty, plus 'gold' installation, and sales tax. As if he did not know me, he asked for the street address and phone number. Delivery would be on Monday morning between nine and noon. For a moment I was afraid he was going to just end without arranging our next date, but then he whispered quietly as he handed back my card, "tonight at Akbar's after I get off." He then turned and headed elsewhere in the store. I was amazingly horny, so I headed home and took a cool swim in my pool to try to relax. But my cock was rock hard in my speedo. By 9 when I was showering to get ready for the bar I almost jerked myself off but then realized that would blow the relationship. I showed up right after ten and found Levy was already at the bar and had an empty shot glass in front of him. He smiled when I sat down next to him and groped my hard cock through my jeans. I reciprocated and felt he was hard too. "Holding out ok?" "Hornier than hell," I said and kissed him. "Excellent, let's spend the rest of this week getting to know each other and then we can start to have sex next Sunday." He moved his hand off my cock and I felt my hormones go crazy, my nuts felt like they were going to burst. "Aside from Tuesday when I have to work, what are we getting dinner every night Forbidden Lolita Pics and talking?" Levy smiled, "Absolutely, I'm on days and off by five this week so dinner every night and learn about each other." "Do you think I could get permission to masturbate this week?" He shook his head and kissed me, "not a chance. Let's find somewhere quiet to talk in here." He then took me by the elbow to find a quiet corner where we talked for an hour or two, kissing and groping occasionally. The next morning my TV arrived and still later, Levy showed up around six to head out for a fancy dinner. By then I was convinced my horniness was so intense I was just going to pop a nut thinking about Levy. We had a great dinner and the conversation was fantastic. Towards the end we started discussing how horny both of us were, but Levy was resolute that there would be no masturbation, or sex before Sunday. Tuesday was my client session and I feel I owe it to you to describe that more so here goes.Peter's Experience ------------------ Horny though I was by Tuesday, I had a client showing up at 2pm. I put on some lacrosse_hard_cup_ compression shorts to control my raging hard on. Peter was undoubtedly going to "suffer" a bit extra due to my pent up sexual desires... _lacrosse_hard_cup Peter buzzed me at the gate at 2pm sharp and when I answered, I instructed him to pull his car into the open space in the carriage house. He complied and came inside the office area. "Hope you had a good few days where you've been looking forward to this experience," I said more as a statement than a question. Peter smiled, "I've been hard thinking about it since last week. Twice, I almost called you to beg for an earlier appointment." "Strip," I said, "so we can get started." There was no hesitation, the post hypnotic suggestions were still firmly in place. I watched as the hunky TV star removed his clothes in front of me and Forbidden Lolita Pics revealed a raging hard on. "Ok, let's go into Forbidden Lolita Pics the other room," I said and grabbed Peter by the arm like a little boy. In the area of the garage behind the office area, I have a more warehouse-like area that is unfinished and can have various dungeon play items set up for different client scenes as well as a nice bathroom area that would get used today. Central in the room today was a low table not quite three feet off the floor covered with a baby blanket for use as a diaper changing table. "On your back on the table Peter," I said firmly, "time to put you in your diaper." I guided him firmly onto the table, even though there was no hesitation, I knew that being forced into the diaper "a bit" was a big turn on for him. On his back, I made him lift his legs and cleaned his butt and hard cock with baby oil. Then I powdered him with baby powder and finally diapered him. Next up was a pair of latex_shorts_. I had these around and wanted to trap him in the diaper. When this went on and I locked it with padlocks he freaked out slightly but my firm voice brought him back under control, "Peter this is what you need, diapers are for naughty boys who wet their bed and themselves.".. _latex_shorts He started sobbing and I got him up and made him stand in the corner for a bit to think about why a grown boy like him needed to wear a diaper. When I positioned his nose firmly against the corner, I could feel his body shaking slightly. I knew exactly where he was mentally, on one hand this was his fantasy--and on the other, this was his fantasy. I allowed him to sob and cry in the corner for a solid half hour before I retrieved him to do some tasks for me. "Peter, let's go over your Forbidden Lolita Pics homework," I said pulling him from the corner and over to a bare desk and wooden chair. I sat him down and there was a math test with a red "F" written on it. I went over the simple algebra problems he had gotten wrong and made him drink a small glass of sports drink for each wrong question we reviewed. The test had fifty questions and "he" had gotten twenty-five wrong, so this was about three quarts of sports drink total. Needless to say, by the time we were done his boyish sobbing about being diapered had faded, replaced with a new more immediate problem, he needed to pee like a firehose and he was diapered and locked up. I stood him up, "Peter we've discussed your need to control your pee repeatedly, if you wet this diaper I will whip your ass." I guided him over to another part of the garage where I had a spanking bench set up and several paddles, hair brushes and straps hanging from a rack nearby. He started to cry harder while also dancing that 'need to pee' dance little boys normally do. "Peter, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't your birthday in 1965? Shouldn't you be able to control your need to pee?" "Tell me honestly Peter," I asked for the first time this evening, "did you wet your bed last night?" He broke down sobbing on the floor at this. I smiled broadly and spoke like a parent scolding a small child, "That's why you are wearing a diaper boy. To learn control." At that I brought him back to the corner and continued to lecture him like a little boy. It was fun to watch a man I had seen on TV and in movies repeatedly dance from foot to foot trying to fight the impossible need to unleash a massively full bladder into the diaper and suffer humiliation, a spanking, and more. "How many nights since you saw me last did you wet your sheets?" "Every night," he sobbed, "and once during the day." From the corner, he pleaded, "This hasn't happened in years." "Please just let me pee," he begged. "You will learn control," I responded firmly, "now stop dancing around or I will start smacking your thighs with a riding crop." This was the straw that broke the back, or the bladder rather. He was bawling now, "please don't strap me daddy, please daddy." I yanked him out of the corner firmly, "let's get you out of the diaper and onto the spanking bench." I guided him onto the table on his back. I unlocked the shorts, removed the soaking wet diaper and then cleaned him off like a baby before making him stand. He was crying nonstop now and snot was coming out of his nose. He was back in his childhood memory, getting the spanking he had watched his friend receive and living it for the first time. The fact that he had wet himself the past few nights had surprised me, but perhaps discussing the idea of being diapered had subconsciously brought out a bit of bed wetting to get himself into the role of being Forbidden Lolita Pics punished. That did not matter though, it was time to punish him like his friend was punished. "Go to the rack and pick a strap to be used on you Peter," I said firmly, "you are old enough to get thirty with the strap." He screamed out in protest but quickly walked to get a strap lest the punishment be increased. He picked one of the five straps that was hanging on the rack and brought it to me and kissed it before holding it out to me to be used on him. I brought him to the bench and tied him down. While this was not strictly part of the fantasy, it was for his safety during the session. Had I worked longer initially, I probably could have hypnotized him to stay still during the whipping, but he was still a large man rather a small boy who was being punished and the restraints were a good safety measure. Once I had the crying "boy" man restrained, I raised the strap. "What do we say Peter before daddy begins a punishment?" "Please daddy, I need to be punished because I'm a horrible bed wetting little boy who cannot control his wee-wee." As soon as the sentence finished I began to brutally assault Peter's back and buttocks with the strap. My goal was to exactly simulate the punishment he used to watch happen to his friend. It took thirty brutal strokes to redden his entire back and buttocks. He was crying out in so much pain it was impossible to make out what he was saying exactly, but I removed him from the bench and brought him back to the diapering table. There I cleaned him, powdered him, diapered him, and locked him in the shorts again. Then it was back to the corner to wait. It was only a brief twenty minutes before he wet the second diaper and we had to repeat the whipping. All in all, we repeated the scene fifteen times before eight the next morning. When we finished his back and buttocks were black-and-blue and blistered. I sent him home in a diaper and he was thanking me for everything I had done with him and begging for another visit. We scheduled his post-session consultation for the following Tuesday before I sent him on his way. Then I went to sleep until I was going to meet Levy for dinner that night.First Sex --------- Turning back to my budding relationship with Levy, I had taken to basically wearing the lacrosse_hard_cup_ 24x7 to help contain my raging hard on for the rest of that week. We definitely hit it off and discussed a lot of things beyond sex that suggested we would have a good relationship. Saturday, he slept over the night, and we shared a bed. He teased me about the compression shorts, but admitted that he was used to controlling his urges a bit better than me. While we did not have sex Saturday, we spent the whole night pressed against each other. When we awoke Sunday he was already awake and holding a condom. "Time to fuck you and take the advantage," he said grinning as he yanked my pants down and lifted my legs. I felt lube going into my ass and then he pushed in firmly and started kissing me while he fucked me. "Don't you dare touch your cock while I'm fucking you this time," he said, "I want to enjoy this fully without you having an orgasm." I kissed him passionately and he fucked me deeply for over an hour. He was taking his time to enjoy himself thoroughly. He even verbally teased me about it, "horny Jay?" "Bet you wish, you had taken the first advantage," he said thrusting again into me. "I intend to stretch this out since I've wanted to rape your ass since I saw you on the security camera wandering into the store." I moaned and kissed him and grunted in pleasure and frustration. "Please fuck me," I begged, "I love you Levy." "Love you too Jay," he said, "you'll have your turn in a bit, but this is about ~my~ pleasure. Let's have you turn on your side so I can fuck you deeper. No more kissing, you need to be fucked." I complied and he thrust in deeper and harder, still taking his time. "Jay, this is one fucking hot ass, so amazingly tight, you hardly ever get fucked." I moaned and bucked as he savaged me, but I was also rock hard and enjoying bottoming to my lover. It took a total of three hours before he shot a load into the condom while still fucking me and collapsed on me and kissed me. "Advantage Jacob," he said as he collapsed and kissed me. I thought about declaring I was going to take him twice, but decided to take a bathroom trip and eat breakfast before taking my turn. In the kitchen I told him to find some kneepads in the laundry room since I wanted to be sucked off while I ate breakfast--and he best not either stop sucking or allow me to orgasm until after I was done. He gulped and said, "fucker!" Then he went to get the kneepads. "Now this is quite civilized," I said Forbidden Lolita Pics as I sat down in my chair with him under the table kneeling in front of me to start sucking. As I sat down he started sucking. "Be glad I allowed you kneepads," I said and began to moan gently while he started sucking and I ate. When I finished, I said, "Ok time to fuck you on the kitchen counter." I lifted him onto the counter, and tied him with some rope in the drawers to bind his arms and legs up so he could be more easily fucked. I left him there for a minute while I went to get more condoms and lube. I covered up and then lubed his ass up before starting to fuck him. I lacked his restraint, but I took my time as best I could to unload a massive load of cum into the condom. I only lasted like fifteen minutes though. Then I untied him, announcing, "Love." I was hog-tied in less than thirty seconds and had Levy's throbbing cock in my mouth. He then stepped away and ate breakfast just outside the corner of my peripheral vision. He came back and thrust his cock back into my mouth and shot a load in less than a minute and untied me. "Advantage Jacob," he said. "This is fun," I said as I stood up and kissed him.Write the Author ---------------- These stories are e-mail'ware, show your appreciation by dropping some feedback (in English) to the author at Check out my other stories at .$$
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